Accomodation Recommendations

Accomodations that can help your student succeed

Students who show signs of inattention:

  •             seat student in quiet area                
  •             seat student dear good role model
  •             allow extra time to complete assigned work
  •             give assignments one at a time to avoid work overload
  •             reduce amount of homework
  •             give clear, concise instructions
  •             cue student to stay on task (private signal)


Students who show signs of hyperactivity:

  •             allow students to stand at times while working
  •             provide short break between assignments
  •             supervise closely during transition times
  •             provide “seat breaks” (allow to run errands)
  •             remind to check over work if performance is rushed/careless


Students who show signs of impulsiveness:

  •             ignore minor, inappropriate behavior
  •             use time out procedure for misbehavior
  •             use cautious reprimands for misbehavior (avoid lecturing/criticism)
  •             attend to positive behavior with compliments
  •             set up behavior contract
  •             call on only when hand is raised in appropriate manner


Other accommodations may include:

  •             allow for extra movement
  •             build a quiet corner (soft rug, beanbag chairs)
  •             study carrels (place against back wall, allow privacy and personal space)       
  •             preferential seating (seat where they feel comfortable)
  •             have an escape hatch (learn the students ‘warning signs’)
  •             extra set of books at home

These accommodations for students with ADHD are necessary in order for them to obtain the maximum level of educational success. These students have attention and concentration problems, therefore these accommodations qualify for them.